Bulk Tank Safety

Bulk Tank Safety

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By following LPG bulk tank regulations can help you promote safety in your home and business. Intergaz ensures that LPG storage tanks are positioned at an external ground-level location with appropriate and necessary equipment which satisfies the following requirements:

  • Keeps safety distances as defined by governmental regulations.
  • It is not close to or intercepts exiting doors.
  • Has a solid and flat concrete ground base and is positioned away from dangerous areas.
  • It is not adjacent to underground storage or ventilation units, uncovered wells or underground drainage.
  • The area between the building and the storage location of the tank is made from non-combustible materials.
  • The storage location is protected with a non-flammable fence (with a lock), of at least two meters and keeps visible, legible and durable signage.
  • There is adequate ventilation from at least two sides horizontally to the outdoors.
  • Has independent earthing system.

Additionally, to take care of your storage tank you should:

  • Keep rubbish, ragweed, grass, wooden fences and any combustible materials away from the tank (keep a three-metre radius from the LPG tank clean).
  • Keep vehicles, electrical equipment, smoking and any other sources of ignition well away from the installation.
  • Don’t do any alterations within a specified (by law) perimeter of the tank which may affect the safety of the installation. Contact Intergaz for advice.
  • Let only Intergaz or anyone authorised by Intergaz have access onto the installation.
  • Tank must be tested at least 10 years after manufacturing date and thereafter every 5 years.