Intergaz Ltd has been supplying LPG steel cylinders to the Cyprus market since 1973 and has enjoyed 50 successful years built on a trusted reputation for quality, safety, and service. The gas bottles are distributed throughout the country by our authorized distributors that go through rigorous and regularly updated criteria to become approved. Intergaz steel cylinders are available in 10kg, 15kg, 35kg and 50kg.

The 10 kg bottles are mainly used for domestic cooking, central heating, and outdoor patio heaters. The 15kg bottles are mostly used for industrial purposes such as for forklift trucks but can also be used for domestic cooking and water heating. The 35kg bottles are frequently used in farming and agriculture but also popular for catering purposes in cafeterias or by mobile caterers. 

They can be used one by one, or sequentially, with an easily fitted switch valve for continuity of gas supply. The 50kg bottles is an ideal solution for catering providing controllable gas flame to cook on where bulk supply is not suitable due to restricted space or low consumption. Choose the right size of silver gas bottle to suit your everyday needs!


Steel Cylinder 10Kg Image

Steel Cylinder 10Kg

Manufacturing Standard: EN1442
EU Directive: 2010/35UE
Outside Diameter: 304 mm – 305mm
Overall Height: 504-530 mm
Water Capacity: 24.0 L
Tare Weight: 11 - 15 Kg
Test Pressure: 30.0 bar

Steel Cylinder 15Kg Image

Steel Cylinder 15Kg

Manufacturing Standard: EN1442
EU Directive: 2010/35UE
Outside Diameter: 295-305 mm
Overall Height: 670-685 mm
Water Capacity: 35.0 L
Tare Weight: 15 - 16Kg
Test Pressure: 30.0 bar ⠀  ⠀  ⠀  ⠀  ⠀  ⠀  ⠀  ⠀  ⠀

Steel Cylinder 35Kg Image

Steel Cylinder 35Kg

Manufacturing Standard: EN1442
EU Directive: 2010/35UE
Outside Diameter: 
280-285 mm 380-385 mm
Overall Height: 
970-1000 mm 1420-1450 mm
Water Capacity: 85.0 L
Tare Weight: 31 - 35 Kg
Test Pressure: 30.0 bar

Steel Cylinder 50Kg Image

Steel Cylinder 50Kg

Manufacturing Standard: EN1442
EU Directive: 2010/35UE
Outside Diameter: 380 mm – 385mm
Overall Height: 1190-1220 mm
Water Capacity: 112.0 L
Tare Weight: 40- 45 Kg
Test Pressure: 30.0 bar


Steel Cylinder Safety

LPG is supplied in liquefied form in pressurised cylinders. LPG cylinders are safe when used correctly.
Follow our safety guidelines on how to safely store your gas bottles:

✔️ LPG cylinders must be kept in upright position and stored outdoors with adequate ventilation.

✔️Shut off the cylinder valve when not in use or turn off the regulator switch after use.

✔️Keep the cylinder away from flammable materials or liquids, sparks, naked flame, heat and other sources of ignition.

✔️To check for gas leakage use soapy water over and watch for bubbles.

✔️Always check the cylinder and regulator for any damage and leaks and flexible hoses for any kind of deterioration.


Steel Cylinders Benefits

Traditional Steel Cylinders remain the most popular way to store LPG.

Compliant with International Construction Standards and EU Directive, steel cylinders also pass from various Quality Control checks before placed in the market.

Available in a range of sizes to suit different demands.

Steel Heat-Treatment increases the working life of the cylinder.

Easy to store and use.

There’s nearly no waste and reduced CO₂ and greenhouse emissions.

Gas stove is a timeless choice due to speed and efficiency.

LPG is a low carbon energy source that releases almost no air pollutants and particulate matter.

LPG remains an economic choice for households.

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