For Business


For Business

Intergaz supplies LPG to many businesses of all sizes and types across Cyprus, providing a high level of service that has earned the Company a sterling reputation for its unwavering standards. One of the many achievements of our Company is our ability to equally serve both residential and commercial customers alike and to make the benefits of LPG available to all.

LPG is widely used in industry to heat up large industrial spaces and to generate heat in ovens, boilers and furnaces. Due to its many advantageous properties, the use of LPG in manufacturing gives rise to a significant efficiency in production. LPG is widely used in the construction sector; the food industry; in the manufacturing of tobacco, metal, textiles, and paper; for water tanks, and many more.

LPG is commonly used for cooking in restaurants and cafeterias, as well as for the heating of internal and external spaces

LPG has wide applications in hotels and is used for cooking, ventilation, air-conditioning, and heating of internal and external spaces.

Our portfolio includes some of the island’s largest bakery chains which use Intergaz products for creating the delicacies that they are famous for.

Many farms choose LPG for livestock heating purposes as it increases agricultural production and improves product quality.

LPG is also used for industrial purposes as an alternative automotive fuel for forklifts and vans as it is high performing in regard to safety and engine efficiency with lower emissions compared to other fuels, and no residues.