Intergaz Ltd was established in July 1973 by Mr Kyriacos John Pittalis. Originating from Agios Ioannis, Agros, Mr Pittalis came from humble roots but worked hard to firstly become a Chartered Accountant in London and then establish Intergaz in Cyprus.

But the path to success was not without its obstacles. Even before Intergaz had a chance to begin its operations, the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 halted its working activities and the company’s newly constructed buildings subsequently became shelter for the island’s refugees.

Two years later the company started its initial operations as a production unit in August 1976 and gradually developed its presence in Cyprus by adding new cylinders to the market to better serve its customers.

With its steady growth and success Intergaz was then able to acquire its own sea berth in 1988 to facilitate LPG imports through LPG sea tankers, and in 1992 it commenced its ‘bulk’ operations, initially with two LPG road tankers imported from the UK to supply LPG direct through tanks for households and businesses of various sizes. In 1997 the Company pioneered in establishing the first fully automatic and computer-controlled LPG cylinder filling plant which also incorporates automatic loading and unloading of LPG cylinders through its pallet plant. 

In 2005, Intergaz acquired two LPG sea tankers and commenced LPG imports and operations with its own LPG vessels through its subsidiary company Jomaro Ltd, serving the needs of the island. Today, Jomaro also supplies product to other destinations in the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Black Sea area and the Group is now trading with numerous countries and generating foreign income for the Island.

In 2011, Intergaz introduced its new innovative lightweight cylinders made of composite material into the Cyprus market. The pioneering cylinders combine safety, ergonomics and energy saving in a visually attractive design and are environmentally friendly, highlighting Intergaz’ ethos of operating in a responsible and ethical manner.

With decades of service since 1973, Intergaz has gained full recognition in the Cypriot market, and today, it is present throughout the island as a familiar and trusted name, in every household, business and industry.

Despite its great success and expansion throughout the years, Intergaz has retained its original values and remains a family-owned organisation supported by long standing staff. As such, it is with great pride that Intergaz continues to meet the energy needs of its vast customer base in a safe, efficient, and pioneering manner, and always with the quality and service that it has become known for.



  • Intergaz Ltd, an LPG storage installation, established in July 1973 by Mr. Kyriacos J. Pittalis.

  • Establishment of Jomaro Ltd, focusing on LPG trade and shipping activities.

  • Intergaz acquired its own sea berth to facilitate the imports of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

  • Intergaz pioneered in establishing the first fully automatic and computer-controlled LPG cylinder filling plant on the island.

  • The Group acquires two LPG Carriers and commences its own LPG imports and operations.

  • Establishment of Ship management Company.

  • Intergaz Chartering established which is dealing with the commercial management of the LPG Fleet.

  • Acquisition of third vessel, Seagas Major.

  • Establishment of the KJ Pittalis Foundation.

  • Establishment of Sea Partners Navigation, as first Shipowners - Ship management Pool.

  • Establishment of Intergaz Energy Solutions, providing energy-efficient and advanced technology climate control systems.