For Home


For Home

Intergaz is the perfect solution for your LPG energy needs at home thanks to a number of advantageous factors that set it apart from other fuels.

Alongside offering a clean and reliable source of fuel, the versatility of LPG also allows its use for numerous purposes around the home, from cooking, hot water and central heating to residential fireplaces, outdoor heatersand swimming pools. 

And with its clean fuel properties, Intergaz LPG also protects your home appliances as it does not leave any burning residue. Furthermore, LPG has a higher calorific value than natural gas which means that it can save you valuable time when cooking and heating water.

LPG is the ideal fuel for cooking as it is easier to control and manage a desirable temperature. Operate your cooker with an Intergaz LPG cylinder or install a tank and enjoy your cooking, central heating, hot water, fireplace, patio heaters, barbecues and warm swimming pool in a more environmentally friendly and efficient way.

LPG is the ideal fuel for central heating as it is a cleaner fuel with more affordable running costs as well as being highly efficient, providing you with a constant flow of hot water that heats in an instant. And with the added convenience of having it delivered directly to your home by Intergaz’s trained delivery drivers, Intergaz LPG offers the best all-round option for heating your home.

Intergaz LPG is the perfect companion for fireplaces, offering numerous benefits over conventional fireplaces. Thanks to the easy to install LPG fireplace, there is no hassle or requirement for a chimney which means a clean and easy source of warmth without the mess of ashes. Simply use the control button to adjust the level of heat required for a safe and continuous heat output.

Enjoy leisurely evenings in the garden with family and friends using an LPG fired barbecue or an LPG patio heater to stay warm outdoors during the colder nights. Both are best fueled with Intergaz cylinders or tanks for a safe, clean and efficient energy source, and with our extensive experience that takes into consideration the dimension and appearance of your exterior space, Intergaz provides a complete and easy solution for your outdoor appliances.