Tank Storage Information

Tank Storage Information

About Tank Installation Safety
Storage Place for LPG Tanks and Cylinders
All LPG cylinders/tanks must be placed at an external ground-level location with all necessary equipment, which satisfies the following requirements:

  • Keeps safety distances as defined by governmental regulations.
  • Should not be close to exiting doors.
  • Should have a solid and flat concrete ground base and located away from dangerous areas. In addition, it requires sufficient ventilation to the atmosphere for at least two of its sides.
  • There should be no dirt, dry grass, plants, volatile and explosive materials etc, within a three meter radius of the LPG tank.
  • Should not be close to any underground locations, openings, underground ventilation units, sewers, and building openings.
  • The area between the building and the storage location of the tank is made from non-combustible materials.
  • The storage location of the tank should be protected by a metallic cover. In addition, it is preferable that the tank’s sides are also protected using a non-flammable fence (height of two meters). Such a fence should be able to stop unauthorized people from accessing the tank. The fence should, however, permit the ventilation of the tank’s sides (as mentioned above) and ground. The latter is required in order to enhance the evaporation of LPG in the unusual situation of a leak.
  • Should have independent earthing system.
  • Finally, the opinion of the Fire Department is of great importance and should be taken into account during the process of selecting a suitable storage site for LPG.

 Note:    Customer is expected to undertake the above mentioned preparation, but can always contact us for guidance if required.

  • Once a suitable tank location is found, please prepare the site for the tank installation. At the same time, please contact us a week in advance for the delivery of the tank.
  • The installation of the tank can be done in one day. Intergaz technicians will carry out the last safety checks and will explain to you all that you should know about the tank.
  • As a new customer, you will receive important information regarding customer service, ordering of LPG, cost/payment, and safety measures.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any further details that you may need.

After Tank Installation:

  • Keep rubbish, ragweed, grass, wooden fences and any combustible materials away from the tank. Maintain a suitable metal fence and keep a three meter radius from the LPG tank clean.
  • Keep vehicles, electrical equipment, smoking and any other sources of ignition well away from the installation.
  • Don’t do any alterations within the specified (by law) perimeter of the tank which may affect the installation. Contact Intergaz for advice.
  • Let only Intergaz or anyone authorised by Intergaz have access to the installation.