Related companies

Related Companies

  • Jomaro Ltd
  • JMR Transport Co Ltd

JMR Transport Co Ltd was founded on January 1, 2007 and offers transportation services. This is a subsidiary company of Intergaz Ltd and compliments the transport needs of Intergaz, sharing common plant.

The Company’s objective is to offer specialized transportation services which contribute to the efficient service of Intergaz customers. Safety is our primary objective and due to this, the company fulfils all European safety regulations and in addition, takes into account other variables which further promote safety and which we have identified through our 40+ years of experience.

The Company employs professional drivers, certified with ADR license (European directive on the transportation of dangerous goods), and with extensive training in transporting LPG in cylinders and/ or bulk to our distributors and customers in Cyprus.

  •     KJP Seagas Governor Ltd
  •     KJP Seagas General Ltd