Payment Options

Thank you for choosing Intergaz for your LPG needs.

1.    Direct Debit
Give instructions to our office for settling your bill by direct debit. Invoices will be electronically settled 30 days after the date of issue. Your receipt will be posted directly to you for your information. Contact us at 77770606 if you wish to arrange for Direct Debit for your Intergaz account or download our Direct Debit Authorization Form.

2.    Monthly Instalments Plan
Monthly installments assist in facilitating your monthly budget planning. Instead of paying off the LPG you consume during winter within four months, we give you the choice of allocating the total amount up to 8 installments. Please contact us at 77770606 for calculating and determining your monthly installment. The installments will be paid through automatic debit of your bank account.

3.    At the offices of the Company
Visit Intergaz headquarters and pay by cash, cheque or credit card. Please make cheques payable to INTERGAZ LTD.

4.    By Mail
Please make cheques payable to INTERGAZ LTD and post at P.O. Box 40315, 6303 Larnaca.
A receipt will be posted to your address. Please do not send cash.

5.    To the Bank
Transfer funds directly to Intergaz Ltd from your bank account. Choose the most convenient account number for you.


Account Number

IBAN Number


 Bank of Cyprus

 0581 – 11 – 00830000

 CY 75 0020 0581 0000 0011 0083 0000


 Hellenic Bank

 362 – 01 – 382863 – 01

 CY 02 0050 0362 0003 6201 3828 6301


 Αlpha Bank

 430 – 10 – 10023358

 CY 08 0090 0430 0004 3010 1002 3358


 Co-operative Banks, transfer to Co-op Makrasykas                

 4050450 – 0

 CY 39 0070 4930 0000 0000 4050 4500


 Cyprus Development Bank

 101 01 0001103 017   

 CY 40 0140 0101 0101 0100 0110 3017

Please inform the accounts department or send the Bank deposit slip by Post, by e-mail to, or by fax +357 24635789. Please use your Intergaz account code or name found at top of your Intergaz invoice as a reference.

6.    By Visa Card
Download and complete the Intergaz visa card form and send it by e-mail to, fax +357 24635789 or mail post. After charging your card, we will forward the receipt to you by post.

7.    Internet
Pay via Internet banking from your savings account or credit card, or through the Company’s website or via JCC SMART. Please send your payment slip by email to or fax +357 24635789.

8.    By Phone
Simply call Intergaz at 77770606. You are requested to have your credit card and customer number details ready.

Please contact us for any queries about your account and other services.