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... save money while saving the environment…

Pollution is a major world concern which threatens the well being of our planet. Climate change is widely considered to be as a result of the intensification of greenhouse gases and also the depletion of the ozone layer.

Carbon dioxide is one of the main contributors of poor air quality and global warming.

The need to strive towards alternatives that reduce exhaust emissions is essential.

Research has proved that LPG vehicles emit 20% less carbon dioxide than vehicles running on petrol, release about 53% less nitric oxides and 120 times less particulates than diesel vehicles.

Also worldwide oil reserves and supplies are diminishing.

Therefore as the oil market experiences strong demand causing rise in prices, you can now avoid the growing cost of petrol by converting your vehicle to run on LPG.

LPG is a clean fuel, safe to use and is available now.

Find out more information on the benefits of Autogas and technical procedures.

Key Facts:

  • There are approximately 10 million cars running on LPG worldwide.
  • LPG reduces carbon by 20% compared to petrol.
  • Many European governments offer motives usually in the form of subsidies to encourage support and promote the consumption of LPG Autogas.
  • Tanks and equipment fitted to the vehicles are high pressure factor tested and are certified to meet European standards. 

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