LPG Equipment

We have a wide range of LPG components and parts from the world’s most reputable manufacturers to give you the best service and solutions for your LPG installations.

All equipment and parts that we supply are certified to meet European standards.

Our equipment range includes gas manifolds, gas regulators, gas detectors, gas filters, gas meters, vaporizers, cut-off valves, relief valves, stainless steel hoses, flexible hoses.

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LPG Flexible Hoses and Fittings Domestic Gas Detection Systems Gas Meters LPG Flexible Hoses and Fittings
High Pressure Regulator Jumbo Low Pressure Regulator Jumbo High Pressure Regulator Large Capacity Pressure Regulators
Domestic LPG Pressure Regulators Commercial LPG Pressure Regulators LPG Pressure Regulators - OPSO / UPSO Industrial Gas Detection Systems
Industrial Gas Detection Systems Ball Valves Gas Manometers Antiseismic Devices
Gas Seals and Detection Spray Polyethylene (PE) Pipes and Fittings LPG Cylinder Connection System Dielectric and Thermal Device Joints