Clean, Green, Great Performance

Being environmental conscious, Intergaz Autogas is the cleanest fuel for automotives, and is an instant solution to the ever-increasing road pollution.

Autogas in effect comprises liquefied petroleum gas.

LPG is considered an ideal fuel for combustion engines and they are high in octane, contain low levels of volatile organic compounds and can mix with air before combustion.

Thus, they have lower exhaust emissions and clean burning, extending the life of the engine. 

  • Save money as retail price of LPG is much less than the price of diesel & petrol. Also LPG enjoys a lower fuel duty rate.
  • Vehicle Safety given that it has been converted by a specialized technician at a certified workshop, LPG conversion system is safe to a greater extent that the petrol system.
  • Very low emissions  LPG has clean burning characteristics and is a friendlier fuel to the environment.
  • Dual fuel the driver has the option of using two fuels; once LPG is used up, the vehicle switches automatically to petrol.