about intergaz

About Us

Intergaz Ltd is one of the leading companies in the importing, storing, bottling and distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Cyprus.

We operate in Larnaca, Cyprus and market our product both in cylinders and in bulk throughout the whole of the unoccupied part of the island. Also, Intergaz subsidiary company Jomaro Ltd is engaged in trading operations for LPG in other countries of the Mediterranean, Adriatic and the Black sea.

Established since 1973 we are exclusively concentrating on LPGas and this makes us the ultimate choice to consult on everything about LPG.

Our huge investment in storage and distribution facilities, with our storage facility at our Larnaca installation and a fleet of LPG road tankers and trailers, signifies a level of stability which gives assurance and comfort to customers.

Due to many years of expertise in the field of LPG, Intergaz has decided to expand its activities in other areas related to LPG, such as Autogas.

Looking at developments in the global market and the increasing legislative requirements, Intergaz adapts its activities in accordance with international quality standards, health and safety, being an ISO registered Company, with a high sense of responsibility towards the environment and improvement of the quality of life.

The achievement of the above targets and the high quality of our products and services offered by our skillful and experienced staff have propelled Intergaz into one of the most reliable and reputable companies in the industry.