About Tank Use

LPG tanks meet all European standards and carry all required safety equipment.

1.    Tank specifications.
2.    Supplier’s contact information.
3.    Warning label.
4.    Level indicator for maximum level check.
5.    LPG supply valve. (To be closed in case of any leak or when there is no need to use LPG)
6.    Level gauge.
       -The tank is full when the level indicator is at 80-85%.
       -The tank should not be emptied completely.
        Please contact Intergaz to arrange for a refill of the tank when the LPG level indicator
        is at 20-30%.
7.    Safety relief valve. (Opens at 17.65 bar to relief tank)
8.    Pressure gauge/ manometer. (Between 1-8 bar depending on the temperature and
       usage of LPG)
9.    Filler valve.