Tank sizing and location

Tank Sizing & Location Consideration

  • Physical limitations of the site.
  • Access to the tank for installation
  • Vehicle access for LPG delivery.
  • Estimated LPG consumption at peak demand.
  • Frequency of delivery.


 Installing your LPG Tank

  • Intergaz technicians deliver the tank to your site often using a crane to lift and place the tank on its concrete pad.
  • Ensure that there is easy access for the installation and filling of the tank.
  • LPG delivery driver fills the tank.
  • Intergaz driver must have a clear view of the tank from the parking location of the truck.
  • Final test and inspection for the right and safe function of the installation.
  • Ensure that after tank installation no changes are made within a specified (by law) perimeter of the tank.
  • Our technical team is always happy to give assistance about the tank installation and service arrangements.