Switch to Intergaz

Switch to Intergaz

Taking care of your LPG needs for more than 40 Years we make the process of switching to LPG simple and safe.

At Intergaz we provide the required technical support for conversion from other fuels to LPG, with a qualified and competent service department. Through our programs we provide information on the cost of using LPG over other fuels, taking into account the cost of conversion. All installations adhere to international standards and maintain a very high safety level. Our certified technical team will direct every step of the switching procedure, whether you are switching to using LPG or changing your supplier.

With more than 40 years experience in the LPG industry we have the expertise to offer a complete technical installation, which assures a fair, efficient and economical operation. In addition, our trained technicians ensure the installation process is carried without any trouble. Consistency, expertise and our great experience in the LPG field guarantee the safety and high quality of our services from an aesthetic as well as functional point of view.

Switching to Intergaz LPG offers you:

  • reduced cost
  • increased efficiency
  • cleaner burning
  • increased life of your equipment
  • reduced environmental pollution

If you would like further information about switching to Intergaz for your LPG bulk tank, click here or contact us.